A Brief History of Asian Aerospace Services Ltd. Thailand (AAS)

Asian Aerospace Services Ltd. (AAS) is a General Aviation services company founded and managed by experienced aviation professionals who are passionate pilots and aircraft engineers. Our experience include air charter, aircraft service and maintenance, aircraft management and aviation sales. Passionate aviation enthusiasts ourselves, we understands your needs for the most cost effective and hassle-free solutions.

With an experienced, synergized and culturally diversified team blended with rich global experience individually, the vision of AAS is to transform the General Aviation (GA) landscape of South East Asia with:

  • Affordable and maintainable aircraft ownership that delights individuals and organisations.
  • Cost effective, easily accessible, high quality and efficiently managed aviation services for GA community.
  • Cutting-edge standards in GA aircrafts in terms of materials, navigation technologies and operating efficiencies.
  • Un-surpassed environment (pioneers in introducing Diesel and Jet-A for GA light aircrafts) and safety standards.


AAS is unique and customer focused because of:

  • Foreign & Asian Professionals

Synergized & cross-functional team of Foreign and Asian professionals. Global experience yet Asia-aware (Foreign nationals worked extensively in Asia, Asian nationals has global exposure & experience)

  • Skillsets

Core team comprises entrepreneur, managerial, project management, engineering and software systems skillset. 

  • Passionate Pilots & Engineers

Hands-on believers who understands technology and business execution yet are also passionate pilots/engineers with common focus on quality services and new generation technology.

  • Shareholders

Our shareholders and staff include:

    • Engine expert with experience owning engine overhaul shop
    • Experienced aircraft mechanic with composite experience; trained in Switzerland and Germany
    • Has own freight forwarding associated company for spare parts logistics

Contact Info

23rd Floor, Chamnan Phenjati
Business Center Building
65/198 Rama 9 Road, Huaykwang
Bangkok 10310, Thailand

+66 2 6430741-43

+66 2 6430740 (Fax Thailand)

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