Diamond Aircraft

AAS - the official distributor of Diamond aircraft in Thailand and SouthEast Asia (ASEAN)

We are proud to be an official distributor of Diamond Aircraft and glad to pioneer the introduction of a new generation of General Aviation aircraft to South East Asia. To serve Diamond Aircraft owners exceptionally, AAS's maintenance and overhaul facility in Thailand is also an authorized service center for Diamond Aircrafts in the region.

This milestone partnership coupled with AAS's inhouse maintenance and professional aircraft management expertise, AAS led South East Asia into an era of new standards in general aviation. Setting new frontiers where the best in engine and material technology combined provides the most cost effective aircraft ownership experience, while meeting the highest performance and safety requirements.

Diamond aircraft takes you fast forward into the future with advanced materials and methods. Advanced glass and carbon fibre composite materials. Multiple load paths. Double spars. Excellent visibility. The latest seat safety technology. Cutting-edge performance, reliability and efficiency using automotive diesel and Jet-A1 capable next generation engines. It all adds up to "Fail Safe Design". The BETA program proves it. BETA, Best Ever Tested Aircraft (unprecedented 1600 hours continuous operation prior to certification). Certified to current airworthiness standards, Diamond aircrafts brings a new level of performance and affordability to the flight training and general aviation setting. Diamond's line of aircraft are recognized by the industry as some of the most exciting products in general aviation.

Diamond Aircraft Industries is a worldwide operating composite aircraft manufacturer with offices in major centers across North America, Europe, Japan, England, Austria, South Africa and Australia. There are two production facilities: one located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, where head office, research and development operations are conducted, and one in London, Ontario, Canada. At both facilities innovative aircraft solutions, of the highest level and quality are produced for flight schools and private operators.

Diamond Aircraft Industries (Canada) is the largest general aviation manufacturer of single engine aircraft in Canada, and the third largest in North America. Diamond Aircraft Austria is approved as a Design Organization (DOA) under JAA-JAR 21 Subp. JA and is therefore authorized to develop internationally accepted aircraft design and the production is an international approved Production Organization (POA) under JAA-JAR 21 Subp. G.

Diamond Aircraft Canada holds Canadian Manufacturing Approval. Known as an international specialist for composite technology, Diamond Aircraft Industries is actively involved in many areas of material research, development and application. The company's expertise in advanced composite technology is being used to develop products for aerospace and defense applications which are in use worldwide.

Contact Info

23rd Floor, Chamnan Phenjati
Business Center Building
65/198 Rama 9 Road, Huaykwang
Bangkok 10310, Thailand

+66 2 6430741-43

+66 2 6430740 (Fax Thailand)

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